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What to See at The Museum

Train rides, guided tours and all the excitement that comes from an active railyard.

Train Rides & Tours

Take a 90-minute excursion trip behind vintage steam or diesel locomotives.

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Hands On History Experiences

Experience historic railroading first hand in an experience of a lifetime.

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Open Air Museum

Explore the 56-acre East Ely Yard while enjoying the high desert of Nevada.

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Time stopped here. It’s as if the workers went to lunch and never came back. They left behind a complete railroad, now a National Historic Landmark; the grounds include over 70 buildings, structures and 30 miles of track. This is not your typical museum. Here you experience the history – Hands On!

Hands On History Gift Certificates

Perfect for train enthusiasts or those seeking a unique gift, our gift certificates allow you or your loved ones to become a train engineer for a day. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just because, a railway experience is a fantastic way to create lasting memories. Command the rails and discover the excitement of rail travel with our hands-on adventures!

Working on the Railroad

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Be the Engineer - Your Hand on the Throttle

The invention of the steam locomotive changed everything! Humans were no longer dependent on either wind power or animal power. The steam locomotive opened up continents! History doesn’t get any closer than this...

Be the Engineer - DIESEL

Every day throughout the country DIESEL locomotives are hauling trains. Here’s your chance to see the world from the cab of a Diesel locomotive. You’ll be operating one of our original, vintage Diesel locomotives with your hand on the throttle...

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Hy-Rail Car Experience

You can actually take the Nevada Northern Railway's restored Fairmont Hy-Rail car out on the original Mainline track. This vehicle began life as a very cool 1956 Pontiac Chieftain station wagon. Fairmont converted many of these American family cars into utility vehicles...

railroad reality week

Railroad Reality Week

You’ve heard the stories, read about it, or you’ve seen television programs like Hell on Wheels. But what was it really like to work on the railroad? Here’s your chance to spend a week and find out for yourself what Workin' on the Railroad really means. It’s Hands On...

Photo Experiences

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photography workshop

Photography Workshop

Our photography workshops are an intensive three and a half day experience. You will be able to hone your photography skills under the tutelage of two of the best known rail photographers in the western United States, Steve Crise and Mike Massee...

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Winter Steam Spectacular Photoshoot

Join photographers and railfans from around the world as they descend on Ely to witness history being remade. You will join the photo line as we pull out the best and finest locomotives and rolling stock, most of which was delivered here over a century ago...

Everyday Living

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Iron Horse Cookery

It's true that our mission is about preservation. We have been acclaimed as the "Most authentic and best preserved historic railroad facility in America But it isn't just about preserving the equipment. That's an important part of it, but we also are all about preserving the stories...

photo of the Ely Yard

Take a Walking Tour of the East Ely Complex

You can walk back to a time when the iron horse ruled the rails. Today, the Nevada Northern Railway is the last of its kind - the sole survivor from a grand era of railroading in the Silver State.

Sometimes it's gritty, sometimes it's dirty, and sometimes it smells of coal smoke, creosote and sweat. Locomotives whistle off, cars clang as they are coupled together and wheels squeal as the locomotive is turned on the wye.

Our Train Rides

Daily and special event themed train rides available.

Museum Tours

Guided tour exploring the open air museum and railyard.

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday | 8AM - 5PM
Sunday | 8AM - 4PM

Our Location

1100 Ave A, Ely, NV 89301

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