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Photography & Filming Policy

Last Updated: February 2023

The Nevada Northern Railway Museum (NNRy) encourages guests to take still photographs and videos under the following conditions:

  • Still images and videos may only be taken for personal use, commercial users require a license from the NNRy (see below). Personal use includes posting to social media, printing of materials such as greeting cards (unless to be sold) or printing of images for display.
  • Selfie sticks are not allowed on the grounds or on the trains.
  • Tripods are not allowed to be used on the train, certain programs such as the Star Train also prohibit the use of tripods both on and off the train. Tripods are allowed to be used on the grounds provided they are used within the safety rules.
  • Drones are NOT permitted without a license from the NNRy.
  • Cameras, including cell phones placed in airplane mode, are allowed in the cab of the locomotive, however, the engineer has final authority on camera use in the cab and can require that they be turned off and stowed if they become a distraction.
  • The NNRy reserves the right to restrict photography or filming at any time.

Photographs taken of the railroad to be used for commercial purposes, including placing on merchandise (cards, mugs, calendars, etc.), or any use of railroad property as a set or backdrop to commercial photography (i.e. wedding photos, senior portraits, etc.) can only be done with the appropriate license from the NNRy. Fees will be assessed on a case-by-case basis taking into account the intended use and distribution.

To learn more about using the railroad as a filming location click here.

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