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Take a Ride Behind One of Our Vintage Locomotives

Explore a living museum and take a step back in time with guided tours, be the engineer train rides, and an active railyard.

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Photo of the Santa's Reindeer Flyer train

Santa’s Reindeer Flyer

Photo of the Fire and Ice themed train ride

Fire and Ice Train

photo of people dressed in 20s clothing standing in front of the Roaring 20s themed train

Roaring 20’s

Hands On History Experiences

Time stopped here. It’s as if the workers went to lunch and never came back. They left behind a complete railroad, now a National Historic Landmark; the grounds include over 70 buildings, structures and 30 miles of track.

This is not your typical museum.
Here you experience the history – Hands On!

decoration photo, addressing the history of Locomotive #40

About Nevada Northern Railway

It is the last of its kind, the sole survivor of a grand era in the Silver State. Now a National Historic Landmark, the Nevada Northern Railway Museum takes you back to a time when the iron horse ruled the rails.

It is America’s best-preserved standard-gauge short line and a complete rail facility.

Visitor Information

Hours of Operation

Monday - Wednesday | 8am-5pm
Thursday - Saturday | 8am -7:15pm
Sunday | 8am-4pm

Our Location

1100 Ave A, Ely, NV 89301

Our Phone Number

(775) 289 - 2085

Admission Ticket Prices

Adults | $10
Seniors | $8
Children (4-12) | $5
Infant (0-4) | FREE

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday | 8AM - 5PM
Sunday | 8AM - 4PM

Our Location

1100 Ave A, Ely, NV 89301

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