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We all love'em! They're majestic, and they remind us of a time when things were built to last! Built to last, of course, with a little help from their friends every so often.

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Save America's Treasures
Locomotive 40 & Archive

Phoenix Dare

photo of the track at the NNRY

Track Donation

Dirt & DJ

Dollars for Dirt & DJ

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photo of locomotive 40
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Save America's Treasures Match Opportunities - Locomotive 40

We received a $486,160 Save America's Treasures Grant for Locomotive 40.

Your donation will help us finish Locomotive 40's restoration. This is a dollar for dollar match program! Your donation is doubled by Uncle Sam and you receive a Challenge Coin!

Save America's Treasures Match Opportunities - NNRY Archive

We received a $260,000 Save America's Treasures Grant for preserving our records.

Your donation will clean, scan and preserve these vital records & will be doubled by Uncle Sam!

archive - photo of old documents


Ensuring the continued operation of our three National Historic Landmark steam locomotives is a very costly, herculean challenge; one that we can accomplish! Overcoming this extraordinary, herculean challenge will mean extraordinary, herculean financial help; over and above membership contributions.

To encourage this extraordinary, herculean financial help, we have created three Challenge Coins, one for each locomotive #93, #81 and #40.

The Challenge Coins are only available to people who make an extraordinary, herculean donation above their membership contribution. The minimum donation levels to receive the coins are: $50+ for the Locomotive 93 coin, $100+ Locomotive 93 and 81 coins, $500+ for the Locomotive 93, 81 and 40 coins!


It's hard to run a railroad without track. We maintain an incredible 30 miles of track and it is expensive! The repair shown in the photo needed two new switch ties, 32 new spikes, 4 new nuts.

It still needs ballast and tamping. Cost of the repair, is about $1,530 when it is all said and done. And this is a small repair job of just two ties!

Track donations help keep the railroad running and on track!

Dollars for Dirt & DJ

World famous Dirt unfortunately passed away last January. DJ (Dirt Junior) has big paws to fill. DJ's home is the Nevada Northern Ry. engine house.

Dollars for Dirt helps to pay for support of DJ at his home at the railroad's shop building.

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