Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark        Ely, NV

Often the excursion trains are operated entirely by our experienced volunteer crews
Volunteer fireman dumping ash after a busy day of excursion and rental trips
Restoration work is being done with extensive help from volunteers
Volunteers and staff work together in the machine shop on projects
Volunteers working local travel and rail shows in their hometown spreading the word
The steam crane demonstration staffed by specially trained volunteers
The Nevada Northern Railway steam crane volunteer staff
It takes a village to send early 1900's technology out each weekend

Volunteer at the Nevada Northern Railway Museum

Live the dream - Come, work on the railroad with us

Fast Facts

WHAT: We are a volunteer organization. Many of our programs and much of our behind-the-scenes work is done by volunteers.

WHEN: Programs and projects are year-around. Some fly in for a week at a time, others drive in on weekends. Some volunteer work can be done remotely. Very flexible.

SKILLS: Wide variety of work to do: train operations, machine shop, publicity and creative, restoration.

HOW: Drop us an email to introduce yourself

Perhaps it's time for you to live the dream of work'n on the railroad. We are a non-profit museum operated with extensive help from volunteers just like you.  Volunteers work in many different aspects of the railroad.  Here are some of the most popular:

It will probably be easy to find areas where you can help. 

Volunteers come from all over the country.  Many local residents of While Pine County help the railroad in countless ways.  Other volunteers drive, some over 1000 miles, for a long weekend of work and fun on the railroad.   A few fly in from across the country to be here and participate in our operations several times each year.   Volunteer crew members who come from afar can stay overnight for free in the bunkhouse.  For those who can not travel here as often, there are also ways to help from your home.

Train Operations Volunteers

We are most often asked about train crew operations.   Yes, you can start as a volunteer apprentice brakeman and end up as a full-fledged steam locomotive engineer.  That is exactly how all of our volunteer engineers got to be where they are today. The museum has a training program that will mesh your desires with the museums needs. The starting point of this program is for you to communicate your goals in writing to us indicating what program you want to join.

The programs are as follows:

The common thread thought all of these programs is you must be a member of the museum, pass a DOT physical, be able to devote the time, pass written and practical proficiency tests to graduate from the program. The steam program will take a volunteer the most time to complete. For example, 200 hours minimum will be needed as steam firemen before becoming a student engineer. Another 200 hours minimum of student engineer time is needed before graduating to engineer. The diesel program is 100 hours of cab instruction. 

Safety Training Weekend for Volunteers

We encourage all who are interested to reflect on their goals and sign up for the program that you want to participate in.  A great time to start your railroad operations volunteer experience is at one of required Safety Training Weekends.  Safety Training weekends are free to members, and membership starts at $30.  Check the schedule below to register.    This is a two-day intensive session  with classroom and hands-on training. It is a great learning experience, and the way to start your long-term relationship with the railroad as a train operations volunteer.

Are you Interested?

We were hoping that you would be.  Click here to send an email to introduce yourself

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Members can attend this training for free. Memberships start at $30

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