Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark        Ely, NV

Special Trains/ Dinner Trains / Theme Trains

In addition to the special and themed extra-fare trains listed below we run our regular excursion trains several times each week April through October. Those regular trains are also listed on the full schedule at the bottom of this page for your convenience.

Fire and Ice

Fireworks in Ely

Where can you see fireworks shot off a moving steam train? Only in Ely! The Fireworks Express at the Nevada Northern Railway leaves the Depot at 4:30 p.m. in mid-January.  Fireworks are set off after nightfall.  Get your 'front row' seats to the fireworks.  Like many of these special trains, this annual train is generally a sell-out, so book early.

Prices:   Adult: $45    Senior (65+): $38    Child (4-12): $20    Infant (not yet 4): Free

Dates and Tickets for Fire and Ice

Sunset, Stars, and Champagne

Locomotive 40, delivered here over 100 years ago

Experience a marvelous western sunset and watch the stars come out, while enjoying a relaxing train ride in Nevada's high desert country. The train takes you out into the desert, above Steptoe Valley, giving you a wonderful panoramic view of the sunset. On the return trip, enjoy looking up at the stars, as they come out in the heavens above. Weather permitting, you should be able to clearly see the heavens with your naked eye. Bring your smartphone to help orient you to the night sky. Please note, we do not bring telescopes on this train.

During the trip, enjoy a sparkly glass of champagne, included with your ticket fare.    Read more about this special event.

Prices:   Adult: $58    Senior (65+): $52    Child (4-12): $27    Infant (not yet 4): Free

Dates and Tickets for Sunset Stars and Champagne

Star Train

Night sky star train

For those of you who aren't fortunate enough to live up here in the inter-mountain rural West, you are missing our breathtakingly beautiful night sky.  For those of you who live in these parts, you may not have taken the time lately to stop and gaze at the Heavens.  Either way, plan a special night out with those beautiful stars of ours.

Our star train pulls out of Ely with the Dark Rangers of Great Basin National Park aboard.  These rangers love the night sky as much as we do, but probably know a whole lot more about stars than all of us put together.  They will guide us to find interesting things up in the Heavens on this journey.  We will stop the train away from town and have a special telescope for viewing the night sky.    Read more about this special event.


If you don't want to wait until the following year, then consider the Sunset Stars and Champaign Train (above) or click here for other options.

Prices:   Adult: $58    Senior (65+): $52    Child (4-12): $27    Infant (not yet 4): Free

Dates and Tickets for Star Train

Fri, May 19th 7:15pm
Fri, May 26th 7:15pm
Fri, Jun 2nd 7:15pm
Fri, Jun 9th 7:15pm
Fri, Jun 16th 7:15pm
Fri, Jun 23rd 7:15pm
Fri, Jun 30th 7:15pm
Fri, Jul 7th 7:15pm
Fri, Jul 14th 7:15pm
Fri, Jul 21st 7:15pm
Sat, Jul 22nd 7:15pm
Fri, Jul 28th 7:15pm
Fri, Aug 4th 7:15pm
Fri, Aug 11th 7:15pm
Fri, Aug 18th 7:15pm
Fri, Aug 25th 7:15pm
Fri, Sep 1st 7:15pm
Fri, Sep 8th 7:15pm
Fri, Sep 15th 7:15pm

Roaring 20's Limited

Locomotive 40, delivered here over 100 years ago

Pull out your Zoot suit and beaded fringe dresses for a swinging good time aboard the Roaring 20s Limited.

Enjoy a 90-minute steam powered train ride aboard vintage 1920s passenger cars. Quench your thirst at the speakeasy onboard (alcoholic beverages available for passengers 21 and older, non-alcoholic beverages also available) while listening to big band hits. Along the route, watch out for the notorious local gangsters who have been known to hold up the train, not to worry, Pinkerton agents will be sure to restore law and order in no time!

Prices:   Adult: $45    Senior (65+): $38    Child (4-12): $20    Infant (not yet 4): Free

Dates and Tickets for Roaring 20's Limited

Silver State Express  **New for 2022**

Nevada - Silver State Coin

Join us for a informative ride back in time.  As we travel behind one of our historic steam locomotives out Robinson Canyon and up toward the Ruth Mining District, we will talk learn about some of the early history of While Pine County and the State of Nevada, starting with the Pony Express route that traversed Nevada, linking the country together  in 1860.

Prices:   Adult: $45    Senior (65+): $38    Child (4-12): $20    Infant (not yet 4): Free

Dates and Tickets for Silver State

Wild West Limited

Outlaws! Hold on to your wallets

Join us for a late afternoon wild-west adventure aboard a real century-old steam train.  Yes, there will be cowboys,  horses, outlaws, and inlaws, so hold on to your wallet!  Those horse-thieving robbers have been known to hold up the trains running through these parts.  Don't worry, we guarantee the train will get back to Ely one way or another.  We sure hope you make it back as well so you can tell your friends all about it.

Prices:   Adult: $45    Senior (65+): $38    Child (4-12): $20    Infant (not yet 4): Free

Dates and Tickets for Wild West Limited

sorry... no Wild West Limited events remaining this season

Rockin' & Rollin' Geology Train

Geology Train

But wait...remember back in 6th grade science class when they talked about that big blob of molten Earth swirling around in space?  That is, until it cooled enough to support fast-food franchises, legos, and other evidence of advanced life forms.   Why, with all of that swirling around, did all of that copper, gold, and silver coagulate here, in the Robinson Mining District, for us to dig out and use to build a nation? 

We won't solve all of the Earth's great mysteries on this trip, but we will have a lively presentation by a local geologist talking about the mining history here, how railway entered the picture, and a show and tell with real ore samples.   Don't forget, all of this as the century-old steam engine pulls your train up 2.5% grades through the great geological "museum" right outside your window.

Prices:   Adult: $45    Senior (65+): $38    Child (4-12): $20    Infant (not yet 4): Free

Dates and Tickets for Rockin Rollin Geology Train

Fourth of July

Fireworks in Ely

Join us for perhaps Ely's very best Forth of July party!  We start the evening with a trip "Up the hill" toward the Ruth Mining District.  On the way back we stop the train at a perfect viewing location to see Ely's Fourth of July fireworks display.  Either watch from the train, or bring your own lawn chairs.  It's a fun way to celebrate this Independence Day evening as a group with your train friends.

Prices:   Adult: $45    Senior (65+): $38    Child (4-12): $20    Infant (not yet 4): Free

Dates and Tickets for Fourth of July

Taste of Italy   Dinner Train

Welcome aboard Nevada Northern Railways Premier Dinner Train

This is an annual gala fundraiser for the railroad.   Your coaches will be pulled by one of our century-old steam locomotives for a special dinner trip on the Nevada Northern Railway mainline.   It will be our pleasure to serve you a classic, multi-course Italian meal, complete with flowing wine, and dessert.   Adults only on this train. 

Taste of Italy is generously sponsored by longtime supporters of the Railroad,

Prices:   Adult: $65    Senior (65+): $65    Child (4-12): N/A   Infant (not yet 4): N/A

Dates and Tickets for Taste of Italy

Haunted Ghost Train

Haunted Ghost Train

Prepare yourself for a scary trip as we dare to send our haunted train up the hill on selected weekend dates in October.  Ghost stories  come alive, so-to-speak, as we see zombies, ghosts, ghouls, aliens and maybe even Big Foot. You never know what's around the next bend, and we've been sworn to secrecy.  See for yourself!  Costumes are encouraged unless you're just naturally scary.   View the Haunted Ghost Train schedule and see video of last year's event.

Prices:   Adult: $45    Senior (65+): $38    Child (4-12): $20    Infant (not yet 4): Free

Dates and Tickets for Haunted Ghost Train

Santa's Reindeer Flyer

Polar Express Train

Join with us as the most magical train of the year, Santa's Reindeer Flyer, once again heads to the North Pole to visit with Santa Claus.  Everyone knows that Santa loves trains so it is only natural that you will find Santa here, on the Nevada Northern Railway.  On the trip to the North Pole, we serve hot chocolate and cookies.  Check out Santa's schedule and complete details.