Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark        Ely, NV

Night photography at its finest
We will be working with vintage mechanical equipment,<br>architecture, and live models
Master the complex simplicity of black and while photography
Practice and perfect available-light shots at night
Historical locomotives and historical buildings will be posing for us
You will be front-and-center for the best shots
Practice the fine art of silhouette shots.<br>Let's compare how different lenses and sensors capture this shot.

Still Photography Workshop

Three and a half days to learn the art of photography from professionals

Fast Facts

WHAT: This is an instructional workshop lead by professional photographers. The workshop focuses on teaching and practicing advanced photographic techniques.

WHO: All levels of photographers are welcome.

WHEN: 3.5 intensive days, Thursday afternoon through Sunday

BRING: Cameras, tripod, and warm clothes.

HOW: Reserve the workshop here

Also, keep in mind our yearly
Winter Steam Spectacular

Our photography workshops are an intensive three and a half day experience that is based at photogenic Nevada Northern Railway, National Historic Landmark in Ely Nevada. Time stopped at the railroad. You will be able to hone your photography skills under the tutelage of two of the best known rail photographers in the western United States, Steve Crise and Mike Massee.

Our workshops offers an in-depth, hands-on photographic instruction in a time capsule that is essentially unchanged since it was built a century ago. The workshop will incorporate talks, edit-and-critique sessions, and photo assignments in each day's schedule.

Steve and Mike’s instruction will help train you to navigate your surroundings and work with light, color, background, and other influences and challenges inherent in each unique setting. You will gain a better technical understanding of how to use your camera's body, lenses, and various settings. You’ll have questions. Steve and Mike are there to answer those questions and get you to look at the world with a new appreciation. They are there to push you out of your comfort zone.

Your instructors, Steve Crise
and Mike Massee

Their goal is to help you understand on how to create stronger, more interesting compositions using wide angle, normal, and telephoto lenses. You’ll have the chance to discover new ways to use color and pattern to add depth, emotion, and graphic power to your images. They will help you transition from just taking pictures to expressing powerful ideas through your imagery. They will help you expand your ability to choose compelling subjects and portray them in more meaningful ways.

The highlight of the workshops might be the night photo shoots. Using “Hollywood” level lighting equipment, you will have the ability to photograph the night in a whole new way. You will have the chance to experiment with different settings, viewpoints and capture outstanding images that you thought would be impossible.

By the end of the workshop, you will be tired but with a new comprehension of what it take to “get” the shot. You should be more comfortable in using your equipment . You will be looking at the world with a new awareness and judgment. Attending the workshop will make you a better photographer. You have the best equipment, use it with confidence!

View more details here:

  • Typical Still Photography Workshop Schedule
  • Photoshoot Frequently Asked Questions
  • Photoshoot Safety Rules
  • Welcome Letter
  • Night Photoshoot Instructions
  • Each workshop is limited to 15 participants.
    Cost :  $1,170 per person.
    Member’s price is $995.   Memberships start at $30.
    No other discounts apply to this experience.

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    Comments (3)

    Tom Gildersleeve (Santa Clarita, California, US) says...

    I've known Steve Crise for many years and attended his night photo shoot of UP 4014 in Pomona a few years before it went east for rebuilding. He is one of the few photographers I know who has a solid understanding of how to light and assemble a night scene to get the best possible dramatic effect. If you want to do night photography well he is a master whose style you should study.

    Glenn Griffin (San Jose) says...
    I've attended both the winter photo-shoot and the photo workshop, and each is tremendous in the own way. However the workshop provides opportunity to get set up shots not available even during the winter photo-shoot, plus you have two premier professional photographers, with much Nevada Northern Railroad picture experience, explaining what works, what doesn't work, suggesting camera settings and providing a critical appraisal of your efforts. They truly expand the participants view of what's possible. Included were sessions on composition, lighting, flash, use of Adobe products in addition to location shoots. Of course the highlight of the weekend is the night photo shoot, set up with Hollywood quality strobes.

    After attending this weekend I was blown away at the variety and quality of my photos. Pictures I never would have considered taking before the workshop turned out superb. This is an event not to be missed regardless of your skill level.
    Admin: Glenn, thanks for leaving your thoughts about the photo workshop.  So glad that found that experience useful.  Hope to see you and your camera out on the line more often.
    Barry Glazier (Kanab) says...
    Mike and Steve are awesome! This would be so worth attending!