Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark        Ely, NV

Can we really sleep overnight, right here in the rail yard?  In that caboose?
Caboose 22 can be your own home on the rails for a night,<br> right here in the middle of the yard.
Our bunkhouse has four bedrooms - Queen or Twin beds.
One of the bunkhouse rooms with twin beds.
Have morning coffee on the deck of your caboose.

"Night at the Museum" here in the East Ely Yard

Two options; a historic caboose or the bunkhouse

Our lodging options will not be available for the reminder of 2020

We are sorry to have to take this step. Our staff has to be redeployed to administer regular disinfecting of the passenger cars this year. Please be patient. We hope to make it through this year and be able to once again offer lodging in 2021.

Fast Facts

WHAT: Overnight in a working caboose or bunkhouse

WHEN: By reservation, limited availability.

WHO: Caboose sleeps three, each bunkhouse room sleeps two.

FURNISHINGS: Accommodations include fresh linens, shared bathrooms, and use of the bunkhouse kitchen.

There are two options to sleep overnight in the historic main East Ely yard of the Nevada Northern Railway; the caboose or the bunkhouse.  Both locations make great headquarters to witness all of the action in the yard.  For example, If you return from a locomotive rental or one of our evening trains you will be dropped off just steps from your accommodations.

Evenings up here are usually cool and clear.  At night, the rail yard becomes eerily quiet. Soon all you hear is the hooting of the owl that lives in the coaling tower.  As you climb into your bed you can imagine what it was like during the hayday of the railroad.

The next morning don't be surprised to be awakened to the sounds of steam locomotives getting ready for the day.   It only takes a minute or two to walk down to the engine house to take a look at what is going on.  You're welcome to watch as the crew gets the locomotives ready for the day.  At that point you'll probably be wishing that you had made reservations for the "Be The Engineer" experience.   Advanced reservations are usually necessary, but double-check, just in case.

Sleep in a Working Caboose:

Caboose #22 was the last caboose delivered new to the Nevada Northern Railway.  That was over 40 years ago.  She was state-of-the art at the time with all-steel sides and roller-bearing trucks.  Now caboose #22 is on special duty.  You can sleep in her.   Imagine ending your day by watching the sun go down from your caboose's cupola.  You can picture what it was like for countless Nevada Northern Railway freight conductors and brakemen who have sat here watching the train as the miles roll by on the long-haul up to the Transcontinental lines to the North.

Let's do a reality check on the caboose so you are not surprised.  We have all seen an old caboose that is propped up on blocks and transformed into a cute little bed-and-breakfast inn.  This is not one of those.  Caboose 22 is still on the active freight roster.   For your stay we will make sure it is spotted on a track that is close to the bunkhouse.   Staying in #22 is great fun for a railfan, but it should be noted that it has much more in common with a stay in a RV without hookups than, say, a stay at a Ritz-Carlton.  The caboose is clean and sturdy, but the creature comforts are rather thin consisting of single beds, clean linens and blankets.   No electricity, no heat, no air conditioning (but not to worry, the evenings are almost always cool around here.)  There is no running water in the caboose.   Your shower and restrooms are located in the nearby bunkhouse.

Sleep in your own room in the bunkhouse:

The bunkhouse is your second option.  East Ely was never a large community. The railroad, mines and mill had a constant need for workers. To entice workers to the railroad, the railroad provided living quarters in bunkhouses.  Today the museum continues this tradition with our restored bunkhouse.  Built in 1906, it was recently remodeled to serve as a bunkhouse.  Located in the middle of the rail yard, it is also used by volunteers and interns of the railroad.  Now the general public has a rare chance to also sleep in the bunkhouse.  Like the crews, the rail yard comes alive very early in the morning as locomotives move about getting ready for the day's activities.

Now this bunkhouse has a little secret.   This bunkhouse no longer has any bunk beds in it!   Instead, you will have your own room with a nice queen-size bed or two twin beds.  The bunkhouse has all of the modern conveniences - electricity, water, heat, four sleeping rooms, two shared restrooms with showers, a kitchen and a sitting area.  Each room has a window air conditioner and heat panel.  Prices below are per night, per room (for either one or two people). 

Check-in and Check-out Arrangements

Check-in and check-out at the ticket window in the depot (1100 Avenue A Ely, NV which is at the end of E.11th Street, off of US 93).   Check-In Time for either the Caboose or the Bunkhouse is between 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm.  Monday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday check-in is between 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm and on Sundays check-in is between 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm.  Please plan your arrival to Ely within these times, or call well in advance if you need to see if later arrangements can be made for you.   Ely is in the Pacific time zone.  Occasionally check-in time for the caboose may be delayed because it is out on a train and has to be made up for overnight service.

Prices and Discounts

Lodging OptionsMemberNon-Member
One-time Reservation/Setup/Cleaning fee$33.15 $39.00
Caboose - Entire caboose/per night$51.00 $60.00
Bunkhouse - Per room/per night$51.00 $60.00

Members receive discounts.   Memberships start at only $30, and can use your membership discount for your train rides.
No other discounts apply to Lodging.
The current White Pine County Lodging Tax will be added to the prices above upon checkout.

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Comments (3)

Grace says...
I stayed in a real caboose and woke up to the symphony of the cadence of a locomotive. Occasionally the sound of the wheels clanking on the tracks, bells ringing and other engine sounds chimed in, all of which created an interesting rhythmic listen. It was a real treat to walk to the engine house in the early morning and see the crew gets the locomotives ready for the day.
David (Laguna Beach) says...
I have stayed in both the bunkhouse and the caboose. It is fun to wake up at the middle of a real train yard.
Sharon (Nevada) says...
The Bunkhouse was a great experience. Comfortable rooms and extremly friendly staff. You dont want to miss the hustle & bustle of the steam engine getting ready for an adventure on the rails or the peaceful quiet nights watching the sunset as the rail yard goes to sleep. A+ to all who made this happen.