Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark        Ely, NV

Bring your family to operate a Four-Person velocipede together
Four-Person velocipede being operated by two people
Four-person hand car - Ready to roll the rails
Railraod handcar under your own power
Trip around the yard on a handcar

Velocipede and Handcar Rides

Ride our Mainline on a Handcar

On Saturday, September 5th, 2020 the Nevada Northern Railway in conjunction with the Museum of Handcar Technology, will be offering the chance to explore the railroad using a handcar. This is a 2 hour trip to High Line Junction and return. The round-trip distance of 7.5 miles there will be breaks on the trip.

Here’s your chance to pump yourself over the 100-year-old rails of Nevada Northern Railway. Cruise at your own pace enjoying the scenery of Nevada’s Great Basin and Range.

You will be responsible for learning and following all track and operating rules, as well as FRA regulations including cell phones off while operating, drug and alcohol free, and vision corrected to at least 20/20.  You will need sturdy close-toed shoes, and long pants to operate or ride. We recommend work gloves, a hat or helmet, sunscreen, plenty of water, and raingear.  We are over a mile high in elevation and it takes energy to operate your handcar, so plan accordingly. 

All events are rain-or-shine.  Participants must be at least 47 inches tall.  The standard-gauge track  that you will be using is also used (at other times) for our regular operations, so expect commercial railroad conditions, such as some grease and oil on the rails and ties.

Price and Discounts (Price is per party, not per person)

Prices  are for the Handcar Experience.  That can be one person, or multiple people sharing the experience.
Members receive discounts.   Memberships start at only $30.   No other discounts apply to this experience.

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