Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark        Ely, NV

Get'r Done - restore 81 to service
Locomotive 81 ready for another day of hard day
Locomotive 81, ready to push her passenger consist into the East Ely Depot
81 on June 3,1946 ready to depart East Ely with revenue freight
Locomotive 81, A bit dirty from a day of service, but ready to do it again
So, how about if we finish it off, ASAP

Get Locomotive 81 Back in Service

Let's Git'r Done!

Fast Facts

WHAT: Capital campaign to finish the restoration of Locomotive 81.

WHY: Locomotive 40 will be in the shop for two years for a major overhaul. Two steam locomotives are imperative to keep the program operating at sustainable levels. 81 must be finished this Summer

GOAL: Remaining balance is $166,590.


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Locomotive 81 - Rounding the final stretch

As you know, people visit here to experience standard-gauge, main-line steam engines working like it was 1918.  Last year Locomotive 40 went out of service for two years for her 1472-day boiler overhaul and running gear rebuild. That has to be done!

That would left Locomotive 93 as our sole operating steam locomotive.  We learned the hard way, if we don’t have an operating steam locomotive, visitors won’t make the long trek to Ely!

The good news is that we are in the home stretch of returning Locomotive 81 to service. We are almost there! We almost have Locomotive 81 completely restored and ready to steam once again.  That has to be done!

With YOUR Help, WE CAN GIT’R DONE! We got to this point because of YOUR commitment, YOUR membership investment. It was YOUR membership dollars that have gotten us this far!  Now we are asking for YOUR help to get us over the Finish Line! We are about 96% DONE! Please make a donation now, so WE CAN GIT’R DONE!  If you are not a member, become one and join those who are on the front-line of preserving these wonderful machines.


We should have Locomotive 81 operating by mid-summer if we raise the $166,590 by May 31st. To celebrate the return of Locomotive 81, we are offering three Locomotive 81 premier photo shoots: Sept. 3-5, Sept. 10-12, or Sept. 24-26, 2021. The price for members is $381, for non-members $448.

All NNRY locomotives under steam

Nevada Northern Railway Locomotives 81, 40 and 93 all steamed up October 17, 2020

Prizes for Donors

To encourage you to make a donation, all donors will be entered into a drawing with the following

You will automatically be entered into the drawing if we receive your donation by June 5, 2021.   There you have it, the clock is ticking. We need to raise $166,590 by May 31st so we can have Locomotive 81 operating by mid-summer. DONE!

Get'r Done - restore 81 to service