Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark        Ely, NV

One of the great club events held here....<br> This time a historic Model A Club
School group learning about what takes place in a rail yard
The Willie Nielson movie <em>Once Upon A Texas Train</em> was filmed here
Family reunion or social group can rent part or all of the train, or the caboose
The music video for <em>Cold December</em> was filmed here.
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Charter a Train for your School, Club, or Group Event

Host your special event at a very special place

Fast Facts

WHAT: Hold a club meeting, reunion, school field trip, or a special event here.   Rent the train, the depot, or the entire property!   Private tours are also available.

WHEN:  Club meetings, group gatherings, charters, and facility rentals are available year around.

WHERE: Ely, Nevada, in the mountains of Central Nevada.

WHY: It is a place that will appeal to your group's sense of history and adventure.  Many people in your group may have never been here before.

HOW: Call us at (775) 289-2085

Hosting an event at the Nevada Northern Railway Museum

Looking for a unique place to hold your next event?   School field trip coming up?  Are you looking for a movie location with an authentic 1920's backdrop? Do you want to hold a family reunion aboard a moving train?   Need a destination for a very memorable historic automobile rally?   A fly-in location for a airplane owners club?

Look no further.  We can help you with all of this and more.   Some of the special events we have hosted here include:

Where is Ely?

Map to Ely NV from California

Click to show map full-screen

We are in the mountains of Central Nevada.  It is great country up here.  At a mile high in elevation it has a climate similar to Denver or Salt Lake.   We are the gateway to Great Basin National Park and home-base for exploring the rural Inter-Mountain West.  

Most of our visitors drive to Ely.  View all of the options here.  Click on the map to the right for our Central Nevada Treasure Map.

How to get started

We can host your next event here.   The best way to get started is to give us a call at (775) 289-2085 and discuss your needs. We will do all we can to accommodate your special event, and make it one to remember.

School Field Trip / Reunions / Clubs / Rallies / Meetings / Fly-in / Movie Filming

Yes, you can rent an entire railroad for your event or movie.

To start planning your next event our standard pricing for commonly asked-for items are below.

2022 Charter Excursion Train Pricing*

Locomotive & Two Passenger Cars, Open Car & Caboose up to 2 1/2 hours (Capacity 140)
Star Train (2.5 hours at Star Flats with Telescope-Capacity 60) n/a $2,400
Theamed Train (Geology, Christmas, etc) $2,250 $1,845
Normal Charter $2,195 $1,495
School Charter $1,500 $750
Fund Raising $850 $600
Additional Time: 1/2 hour increments over the initial 2 1/2 hours$250 $150
Additional Coach. Capacity 56$550 $550
Add baggage car 20 (additional 20 capacity)$450 $450
*Beverage and prepackaged snack service only. Food is not available.

Table Service Diner Train Pricing**

Locomotive & Two Passenger Cars, Open Car & Caboose up to 2 1/2 hours. Capacity 80.$2,475 $1,875
Additional Time: 1/2 hour increments over the initial 2 1/2 hours$450 $250
Additional Coach for extra seating, no tables. Capacity 65$550 $550
Add baggage car 20 (additional 20 capacity)$450 $450
**Includes train set-up, tear down and cleaning, does not include meal pricing or wait staff.

Facility Rental Pricing

Using picnic tablesNo charge
Using picnic tables and folding tables$150
Using picnic tables, folding tables, and BBQ$250
Bar on the train 2 hour minimum (Beer and Wine Only.)$100/hr
Bar in Plaza (Beer and Wine Only.)$100/hr

Special Pricing to School Districts Only for Official Field Trips***

AdultChild (4-12)
Museum Admission Only$4 $2
Museum Admission and Guided Tour$7 $4
Scheduled Excursion Train and Tour (Groups of 12 to 50)$16 $11
Scheduled Excursion Train and Tour (Groups of 51 to 70)$14 $8
Scheduled Excursion Train and Tour (71 or more participants)$10 $4
Joining an existing special excursion train as a school groupcallcall
***Check the regular train schedule to see if diesel or steam is scheduled for the day you are interested in
If a diesel is scheduled (i.e. usually mid-week) a steam locomotive can be substituted for $895
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