Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark        Ely, NV

Trainride in a caboose

Take a mountain train ride in a caboose

Fast Facts

WHAT: You will ride in the caboose, coupled behind one of our passenger trains.

WHEN: By reservation, so make plans in advance.  See schedule below.

WHO: Caboose can accommodate parties up to 8 people.

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You and your party will ride in a real caboose for one of our 90 minute train excursions from Ely, NV up toward the Ruth mining district.

The cabooses we use are all original to the Nevada Northern Railway. Long ago they were purchased new, and put into freight service on this railroad. For years, Nevada Northern Railway freight conductors used the very caboose you will be riding in, on the very tracks you will be riding on, to manage the freight train they were responsible for on their daily runs. In addition to safe, on-time operation of the train, the freight conductors were responsible for organizing the paperwork that accompanied each freight shipment. The Nevada Northern would haul freight from Ely, up to the Transcontinental interchange points over 100 miles to the North, and return with freight from the outside world, most of it to support the huge mining operations in the surrounding area.

If you have not read about the train excursions yet, go to the trainride page first to find out more about the trips. You can book your Ride in the Caboose tickets there as well.

Note that the caboose does not have access to the rest of the train once the train leaves the station. That means that you will have to use the restroom and buy your snacks before the train leaves the depot. Also to sit in the very top of the caboose, the cupola, you will need to climb a 7-rung vertical ladder. The caboose, being a preserved, historic work environment, is not handicap accessible.

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