Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark        Ely, NV

You can help bring Locomotives 401 and 401 home to Ely

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This photo says it all!401 and 201 with Caboose 6, East Ely, June 12, 1973<br>Soon, they will all be together again
401 back in the day, at the head of NNRY revenue freight
Our original Locomotive 201 will be back on her home rails with our help

Fast Facts

WHO: The Nevada Northern Railway is a non-profit 501c3 historical foundation, made possible only with the support of sponsors like you.

WHY: The railway simply would not exist without its loyal sponsors. In addition, sponsors are entitled to some great benefits.

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You are an important part of keeping the early 1900's<br>alive here for thousands of visitors each year.

Lighting has struck twice! We can bring home - not one, but two of our original, very significant diesel locomotives, Locomotive 201 and Locomotive 401! But, there is a catch! We will have to pay the transportation costs to Bring’Em Home.

Our challenge! We need to move two railroad locomotives that are 15 feet tall, 60 feet long and weigh about 300,000 pounds (150 tons) apiece, by truck, over 1,000 miles! With your help, we can do it! And better yet, you could win one of the 100 chances to actually operate one of our diesel locomotives by becoming a sponsor of the move!  That can be your own reward!

Each move will have its own set of challenges:

Why not bring the locomotives home by rail and avoid a 1,000 mile road trip?  Our mainline up to the transcontinental railroad is out of service, 201 is no longer eligible to ride as an interchange movement. So there we are, at $250 per mile for the trucks, trailers, pushers (up some of the 8% grades) cranes, and clearances.

Why bring these two locomotives home? Why all of the fuss? The Nevada Northern Railway is a National Historic Landmark (NHL). National Historic Landmarks are so designated because they possess exceptional quality in illustrating and interpreting the heritage of the United States. Locomotives 201 and 401 fit that description; they will fill a missing part of our story, the transition from steam to diesel. Once they are home, they will join Locomotives 40, 81, and 93 as National Historic Landmarks!

As an independent, non-profit 501(c) historic foundation, the mission of preserving what is one of the last real American short-line railroads is on all of our shoulders.  Without your help and support the Nevada Northern Railway would be just a memory with a bit of overgrown, abandoned roadbed. Together, you, and the rest of the world-wide community that cares, have pitched in to make it "The most authentic, and best cared-for" railroad on the continent.

Whether you renew your membership, or begin a new membership, or make a dedicated donation to the Bring'Em Home project, your will automatically be entered in a drawing.  100 names will be drawn on November 1st to Be the Engineer of one of our vintage diesel locomotives. 


Making a Dedicated Donation to the BringEm'Home Project

See just how far can you push a diesel locomotive. Of course, the actual mileage varies, but the average below includes the trucks and trailers, the pushers when needed, the permits, the crew, the cranes, and the prep work.

$30 633 feet
$50 1056 feet
$100 2112 feet
$250 1 mile
$500 2 miles
$1,000 4 miles
$2,500 10 miles
$5,000 20 miles
$10,000 40 miles

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