Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark      Ely, NV

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Nevada Northern Railway Website

The Latest Web Technology Visits a National Historic Landmark

Fast Facts

WHAT: This is the official website of the Nevada Northern Railway

WHEN: This website was planned in 2013 and launched in January 2014

WHO: Designed and developed for the Foundation under the direction of Mark Bassett, Executive Director of the Foundation by ArtZoft, a web development organization.

The NNRY.COM website was developed in 2014 under the direction of Mark S. Bassett, Executive Director of the White Pine Historical Railroad Foundation, the non-profit organization that does business as the Nevada Northern Railway.   The mission of the Foundation is to present and preserve the history of short-line railroads in North America.  This website was designed and developed by ArtZoft, a web development organization.

Color Theme

The color theme of this website was selected to reflect important aspects of the Nevada Northern Railway.  The background color is Soot, which represents the very real aspect of this important historical preservation effort.  This is a real working railroad, with real working steam locomotives, so soot happens here!   The text is in Cream which represents a color prominently used in the last generation of NNRY rolling stock and locomotives delivered new to the railroad during the 1950's and 1960's.  The headline and hyperlink trim color is the deep yellow known as NNRY-Logo-Yellow.  It is taken from the yellow in the original Nevada Northern Railway logo.


The NNRY.COM website makes extensive use of CSS to implement a the standard look-and-feel on every page.   This way, style is completely separated from content.   Several style "skins" using different color and font themes were tried before settling on the current soot, logo yellow, and cream theme. 

Headers, Menus, Slideshows, Calendars, Tables, Comment forms, and Footers are all automatically generated from templates.  The remaining text on each page is in simple HTML format for easy editing.   Tables appearing on the pages for pricing or summaries are all generated from simple, easy-to-maintain CSV tables. 

Interface to Back-Office Software Systems

The NNRY uses Doubleknot software package for membership, donations, and ticketing.  This site is designed specifically to integrate with Doubleknot, although the APIs are equally applicable to most current museum software packages.  The ArtZoft calendar feature on event pages pulls events directly from Doubleknot.  Once the use selects an event they are taken to Doubleknot for ticketing.  The same is true of memberships.  Once a membership level is selected the user is taken to Doubleknot for the membership payment.  This way event booking, membership registration, and payments are all handled by one system regardless whether the transaction originated on the web or in person.

Doubleknot's web storefront merchandise interface was implemented in June 2017.  This enables the merchandise capabilities in Doubleknot to allow museums to sell merchandise on-line.  By integrating Doubleknont there is a unified catalog and inventory.  All other museum and attraction software packages have two separate systems for on-line merchandise vs in-store merchandise which leads to two version of inventory and two versions of pricing, two separate versions of customes, etc.  This is not the case with Doubleknot. 

Software Components

The following features draw on open-source software development efforts.  We would like to acknowledge the contributions and collaboration with these fine organizations:

Search box:                   KSearch
Comment Engine:        Commentrics
MegaMenu:                   Universal Megamenu
Slideshow                     Slick

Additional design consultation provided as a courtesy to the Foundation by April Raber Fine Art.  April Raber is a plein-air artist known for her work in depicting cityscape, industrial, and railroad scenes.

We have tested this website for Section 508 compliance so those who are visually impaired and depend on web readers can participate in learning what is here.    If you find any areas that are difficult for web reading software to navigate please let us know.

Goals for the Future

If you find any areas of the website that aren't clear, or any other comments, please let us know.