Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark        Ely, NV

The Queen of Steam Returns

High-Stepping Baldwin—The Pride of the Nevada Northern

Locomotive 40, pride of the Nevada Northern Railway
The Ghost Train of Old Ely rides again

Mark Bassett, Executive Director of the Nevada Northern Railway Museum, relates the trials, tragedies, and tenacious efforts undertaken by staff and volunteers to restore Nevada Northern 4-6-0 No. 40 back into service.

Part I

In 2001, it looked like 40 might be sidelined for good. The Federal Railroad Administration issued new boiler rules and 40 was relegated to the engine house gathering dust.

Part II

No one should undertake the rebuilding of a steam locomotive lightly.

Part III

In February 2005, locomotive 40's whistle resonates across the Great Basin, repeating an audible announcement that dates to 1910—the Queen is under steam!

Now vs Then Photo Locomotive 40 at East Ely in 1938,
and then again in same pose in 2011
Photos A pictorial summary.

Originally published in Mark Bassett's At the Throttle column and in the weekly edition of the Ely Times, 25 February through 11 March 2005.