Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark      Ely, NV

Two rail-bikers enjoying a ride on the Nevada Northern Railway Mainline
Velocipeding in the yard with a string of ore cars in the background
Out on the Nevada Northern Railway Mainline under you own power.  What a feeling!
Rick, from the TV show American Restoration,<br>getting to ride the Velocipede he restored
Speeder train, with velocipede being carried out to the end of the line
Railraod handcar under your own power
Trip around the yard on a handcar

Velocipede and Rail Bike Rally

Bring your Velocipede or Rail Bike and Operate it on our Mainline

You are invited to bring your pedal and hand powered rail riders to participate at Nevada Northern Railway’s Velocipede and Rail Bike Rally Weekend.

Here’s your chance to ride the 100-year-old rails of Nevada Northern Railway up close and personal. Cruise at your own speed enjoying the spectacular scenery of Nevada’s Great Basin and Range.

The two-day event starts Saturday morning where your 14-mile rail adventure begins to McGill Depot for a tour of the preserved historic station. Saturday’s ride concludes back at East Ely Depot with a BBQ. 

Sunday pack your rail bike to take a step back in time on Ely’s historic 1-hour Steam Train ride headed to the Ruth Mine. At Ruth, take a leisurely seven-mile rail ride down hill back to East Ely for lunch and yard activities.  

You will be responsible for learning and following all track and operating rules, as well as FRA regulations including cell phones off while operating, drug and alcohol free, and vision corrected to at least 20/20.  You will need sturdy close-toed shoes, and long pants to operate or ride. We recommend work gloves, a hat or helmet, sunscreen, water, and raingear.  All events are rain-or-shine.  Minimum age to operate alone is 16. Age 12 and up are allowed to be part of a group.  Note that the track is used for our regular operations, so expect commercial railroad conditions, such as some grease and oil on the rails and ties.

See the schedule for complete details. You have your own Track Warrant for the entire railroad for two days—don’t miss it.

Test Event

Route Elevation

Elevation map of Nevada Northern Railway
Velocipede and Rail Bike Rally Weekend
June 26 - 28 2015
Noon - 6:00 pmRegistration and Orientation
4:30 PMExcursion Train
8:00 AMSafety Meeting, Orientation, Assemble and Pack
9:00 AMEast Ely to the McGill Depot (14 miles)
1:00 PMLunch at the Depot
2:15 PMMcGill Depot to East Ely (14 miles)
6:00 PMEast Ely Depot BBQ
8:30 AMSafety Meeting and Orientation
9:00 AMPack train with Rail Bike (Outfit 06)
10:00 AMUnload at Keystone
10:15 AMKeystone to East Ely Depot (7 miles)
12:01 PMLunch and Yard Activities
1:00 PMOptional Adverse Run (12 miles)

Price per person for the Weekend: $50
Prices include the train ride on both Friday and Sunday.

Either there is no availability in the near future, or the event has not yet been set up that far in advance.

Please call us for more information

Click here if you still have a question about this program.

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Comments from those who have done this (2)

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Arne Nilsson says...
The program looks super! This is going to be a great event.

Best regards,

25th May 2015 1:39am
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Jim Reed (Hood River) says...
Hi Mark:

Great site! Thanks for having a place for us to store our rail bikes so we don't have to break them down and lock them in our vehicles.

24th May 2015 7:53pm
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