The Haunted Ghost Train of Old Ely

Do you dare join us this Halloween?

The station looks peaceful enough before departure, but who knows what awaits<br>these unsuspecting guests? Oh, does the conductor look a little worried to you?
Are you brave enough to join us on this little Halloween outing?
These little ghosts are ready for their ride on the Ghost Train
Look who blew in for a night out on the town!<br>You're a little off course here, captain.  This is Ely.
<a href='' target='blank'>Click here to watch the short video that one brave witness recorded</a>
One happy couple enjoying a little picnic one October night here in Ely
What did he do wrong this time?
There is really nothing here to be scared of, right?

Fast Facts

WHAT: The Ghost Train of Old Ely seems to be invaded by a band of demons, ghosts, and goblins on many of these Autumn evenings.

WHEN: On several nights in October we dare to send a trainload of brave souls out to witness this for themselves. Check the schedule below.

WHO:  You and your family can join in the Halloween fun this year.  Reservations are strongly suggested.  We usually sell out.

BRING:  Costumes encouraged. Dress warmly.    You might feel a certain "chill."

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It happens each October in this remote mountain town of Ely Nevada.  The days grow shorter and the nights take on a definite chill.  They say the Ghost Train of Old Ely comes "alive" in a whole different way.  Some say that there seem to be legions of demons, ghosts, and goblins invading the otherwise peaceful setting here on those special October nights.

It has become our job to predict exactly when there might be good sightings of all the mysterious happenings around Ely.  The schedule below has been carefully researched to provide the very best viewing of UFOs, Headless Horsemen, Hitchhiking Ghosts, Haunted Tunnels, Creepy Campfires, and Ghastly Ghost towns right alongside Nevada Northern Railway's original mainline up toward the old Ruth Mine through the old scary tunnels.  Is it scary?  Yes, a little.  Is it fun?  Yes, it is.  Is it a bit corny? Seriously?  Of course.  As they say, come to have fun with friends and family, or don't come at all.  Costumes are warmly encouraged.

You may be asking exactly how all of these eerie and mysterious scenes occur right alongside the mainline.  You might also ask why almost 100 volunteers from the communities surrounding Ely disappear around the same time as the train trip.  You might also ask why many of the ghosts and goblins possessing the rail line look amazingly like those local citizens.  Could there be a coincidence?  You can decide for yourself.  We can't give away the ghosts' and demons' secrets.  All we can say is that however it is done, here's a special thanks to the great, heartfelt community support that this event enjoys each year.  We hope you enjoy the fruits of their labors as much as the community enjoys putting it on.

So, are you brave enough to get on the Haunted Ghost Train of Old Ely this year?  Reservations are highly recommended. These trains almost always "sell out", so to speak.  Who wants to be left behind at the depot on a night like this?

Prices and Discounts

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Haunted Ghost Trains$39 $20 Free

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Comments from those who have done this (10)

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Patrick (Fairfield Id) says...
We rode the 40 steam engine ride last October and decided to come back this October for that and the Haunted Ghost Train ride. Really enjoyed it! My kids are 12 and 16 and they had a ball. Can't say enough about the brave actors at the various displays as it was a very cool night. Very creative. We were there on the 6th of October. Very chilly evening. I screwed up by not bringing enough warm clothing because I would have loved to have ridden on the flat car during the Haunted Ghost Train ride. ... Read More
I think that you are definitely on to something by grabbing a few able-body teens and bringing them along for the ride.  We are told that the post-Santa Clause crowd is usually the most emphatic about doing the Haunted Ghost Train again each year.  

See? We're not kidding about a "certain chill" coming to the Ghost Train of Old Ely each year about this time.  Fair warning for everyone to dress warmly :)
10th October 2018 6:56pm
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Macyle Musgrove (Elko) says...
This is such a wonderful ride. We take the train when we can and this was one of the best ones we have done. Worth every minute of it.
Macyle, Thank you for coming out for the Hauted Ghose Train!  That was a fun night, wasn't it?  We are always pleased when the train returns safe and sound, with all of its passengers :)  

I will pass your note on to the entire team.
7th October 2018 3:25pm
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Emily (Eureka) says...
We drove through Ely last year, and got all bummed that we didn't have time to ride the train...THEN when we got home, we were told awesome things about a haunted train ride on that exact rail line...I got GIDDY since my birthday is Halloween, this sounds PERFECT for some good seasonal/birthday fun :D
28th August 2018 12:58pm
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Nena (LAS VEGAS) says...
Love this train! Thanks for the experience!
10th October 2016 6:32pm
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