Nevada Northern Railway
National Historic Landmark      Ely, NV

"At the Throttle"

A Series of articles on the Nevada Northern Railway
By Mark Bassett, Executive Director, NNRY

Locomotive 93 with all of the drivers and pistons removed.
This is how you remove the tire from a locomotive wheel. You heat it up, it expands, you tap it with a hammer, and it's off.
Wheel center with the axle and pin removed. It has been refinished.
An axle being turned in Salt Lake City.
Wheel set with refurbished wheel centers and pins ready for the tires.
New spring beam and pins with the refurbished shoes and wedges. The drive box goes in the middle.
The refurbished eccentrics, ready for installation. These are mounted on driver set three.
:An excellent example of old parts, new parts. The pin is new, the nut and washer were reused.
Tire being turned.
Axle being turned.
The drive boxes ready for assembly.
Wheel set being prepared for installation. The drive box is being installed on the axles by Christopher Minnier under the supervision of Gary North.
Gary North turning pins on an original belt driven lathe in the Nevada Northern Railway Machine Shop.
Unloading a wheel set in the machine shop using the overhead crane.
Four tires ready to go back on. These are the original tires; they have been turned inside and out.
Number three driver set being installed under locomotive 93. Visible is the pit jack raising the driver set.
A side rod being installed; it's hanging from the overhead crane. Jesse Colvin is giving hand signals while Joe Baxter and Gary North are lining it up.
Getting ready to install the throttle. Al Gledhill, Shop Forman, is in the steam dome being assisted by Jesse Colvin.
One of the eight drive boxes showing the side bearing brass.


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